January 26, 1986: Super Bowl XX

Chicago Bears: 46
New England Patriots: 10

The Bears crushed the Patriots Cinderella dreams 24 years ago today. The Bears finished with an incredible 15-1 season, then shut out the New York Giants 21-0, and L.A. Rams 24-0 in the playoffs.
Other than the outcome of this Super Bowl, in my opinion, another unfortunate event was the “Super Bowl Shuffle“.
The Bears defense, led by Richard Dent, Mike Singletary, and William “The Refrigerator” Perry, was too much for the Patriots.

However, the Patriots did have an incredible run. The got into the playoffs as a wild card. They defeated the New York Jets 26-14 and the L.A. Raiders 27-20 – both on the road. Then they went on surprise the Miami Dolphins 31-14. The Patriots had lost 18 straight games at Miami’s Orange Bowl before that championship game. Patriots fans may remember the chant “Squish the Fish” leading up to that game. Ironically, the Dolphins were the team that handed the Bears their only loss of the season.

The “Berry the Bears” motto did not work as well as “Squish the Fish”. I even had a “Berry the Bears” t-shirt, with head coach Raymond Berry holding a shovel, and standing alongside a grave which contained a refrigerator with the number 72 on it (William “the Refrigerator” Perry’s number).

The Super Bowl started off great for the Patriots, as they recovered a Walter Payton fumble, and got a field goal 1:19 into the game.
But, it was all downhill for the Patriots from there. The Bears dominated the game, and William Perry even ran in a touchdown for the Bears.
It was a Super Bowl I’d like to forget. But, the Patriots did dominate the NFL this past decade, so we have had a lot to cheer about up here in New England.

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