Trivia Challenge Tuesday – 6/22/10

Last week’s question:

What 1982 top 10 hit contained the lines: “Like ohmigod! Like Totally! There’s like the Galleria. And, like, all these, like really great shoe stores”?

And, the second part of the question – Who performed the song?

Answer: The song was “Valley Girl”. It was performed by Frank Zappa and his 14 year-old daughter, Moon Unit Zappa. Moon Unit was the one who said those lines, although it would have been funny to hear Frank say them.

Frank wanted to lampoon the “Valley Girl” image, but the song like ended up like totally popularizing the image nationwide, and omigod, everybody like totally got sucked into the “Valley Girl” language, whether they were making fun of it or not or something. Adults at the time, must have been like, this is the worst thing ever! Gag me with a spoon! But, the teenagers were like what-ever!

OK, I’m done. here is the song:

Here is this week’s question:

Who told Rolling Stone that U2’s album title, The Joshua Tree, sounded like it “would sell about three copies”?

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