Trivia Tuesday – 9/14/10

Question: Who griped of his duo’s MTV image: “It’s not as simple as me being the melodic one or John being the one with the mustache”?

Last Week’s Question:What disease killed off Mark Harmon’s character on St. Elsewhere?

Answer: AIDS

Before there were those McWhatevers on Grey’s Anatomy, Mark Harmon (who now stars in the great show, NCIS) played Dr. Bobby Caldwell on St. Elsewhere. He was a plastic surgeon at at St. Eligius. He had an affair with hospital administrator Joan Halloran (Nancy Stafford). Bobby ended the relationship because he thought they were superficial, and he wanted something more meaningful. However, he ended up having a series of empty flings and one-night stands. Eventually, Bobby was diagnosed with HIV. This was the first time a main character on series TV contracted the virus, and it was one of the first times a heterosexual character contracted the virus. When word of his HIV status got out, Bobby was told he could no longer be involved in patient care at the hospital, though he initially refused to leave. Devastated at his diagnosis and the impact it had on his career, he almost committed suicide, but was interrupted by a neighbor’s child knocking at his door requesting his help. He then decided to go on with his life, but he left St. Eligius, and Boston, towards the end of season 4, to go and work part-time in an AIDS hospice on the West Coast. Two years later, during season 6, his friends and former colleagues at St. Eligius were informed that he’d died.

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