Gary Coleman’s Death Ruled Accidental

According to the Associated Press, Police have confirmed that “Diff’rent Strokes” actor Gary Coleman’s death has been ruled an accident.

Santaquin Police Chief Dennis Howard said an autopsy found Coleman died of natural causes after an accidental fall. The finding matches the evidence police found at Coleman’s Santaquin home on May 26, Howard told The Associated Press.

Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price has responded. The following is from Fox 13 in Utah:

Gary Coleman’s wife is responding to her former husband’s autopsy results that revealed the fall at his home was an accident. Shannon Price, Coleman’s common law wife, Shannon Price says her life was turned upside down after the death of the man she loved and who she considered her husband, even though they were divorced.

“I feel there have been people that have just sabotaged me and just given me a bad name and I’ll never see it, but I do believe everyone owes me an apology that has trashed me out there because I’m not a horrible person, I would never want to kill my husband,” Price said.

Price says clearing her name is one thing, but what she wants more than anything now is for Coleman’s remains to be released to her. His body was cremated and the court has not decided who will get his ashes.

“I have a lot of mixed emotions but I honestly whatever people have said about me I just actually put it behind me because I know I did the right thing for Gary it was the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life but I don’t think I pulled the plug too soon,” Price said.

Price is now writing a book about her life with Coleman. The book is to be called “My Life with Gary Coleman” and is expected to be done in a few months.

Coleman’s estate is still undecided as to who takes ownership.

The home that Price and Coleman shared in Santaquin is still up for sale.

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