R.I.P. Tom Bosley – (October 1, 1927 – October 19, 2010)

This has been a tough week for television parents! We lost June Cleaver, Mrs. Brady was kicked of Dancing With the Stars, and Tom Bosley, one of our favorite television dads, died yesterday of heart failure Tuesday after a battle with lung cancer. He was 83. His wife, Patricia Carr, said that he had just completed chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer, which was diagnosed five months ago.

Of course, Bosley was best known for playing Mr. C – Howard Cunningham – on Happy Days from 1974-1984. Bosley’s professional acting career began on stage in the 1950s, including a Tony for his role as New York City Mayor LaGuardia in the 1959 musical “Fiorello!”

In addition to Happy Days, Bosley made several appearances on The Love Boat, and played a recurring character – Sheriff Amos Tupper – on Murder She Wrote. After Happy Days, he starred on Father Dowling Mysteries from 1987-1991 as Father Dowling.
And many of us remember his Glad Bags commercials:

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