R.I.P. Sony Walkman (July 1,1979-October 25, 2010)

The Sony Walkman, one of the greatest technologies of the ’80s, has died as Sony announced that it has stopped production of the cassette tape player. It had been suffering from the disease of irrelevance since October 23, 2001, when the Apple iPod was released. It is survived by the very ill Discman, VCR, and floppy disk. The latter will have its production stopped this coming April.
The Walkman had a great life. If it was not for the Walkman, the iPod may never had been invented.
You could listen to your music while running or working out. Depending on your job, you could listen to the Walkman while you worked. You could also listen to it at home without annoying the rest of the family.
But, you could look like a fool by singing, really loud, to what you were listening to, and nobody else could hear the music. Here is an early commercial for the Walkman:

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4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Sony Walkman (July 1,1979-October 25, 2010)”

  1. Ah, how fondly I remember my first ‘portable’ music player. Like carrying a brick and wearing earmuffs. How people jogged listening to this thing is beyond me, since any kind of movement made the tape jerk and the sound waver. But there’s was nothing I enjoyed more than making compilation tapes for my Walkman!

  2. Your right! It was like carrying a brick and wearing earmuffs. I ran on the Cross Country team in high school. So in the summer I would actually use my Walkman while I ran in preparation for the upcoming season. Ah, nothing like sopping wet foam earphone covers! At least I knew that nobody else would use them! And I made compilation tapes all the time, especially for running.

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