Trivia Tuesday: 11/23/10

Question: Who was the lead singer of Genesis before Phil Collins stepped into the role?

Last Question: At the end the Cheers Thanksgiving episode “Thanksgiving Orphans”, who gets hit in the face with a pie?

Answer: Vera (Norm’s Wife)

In my opinion, this Cheers episode, “Thanksgiving Orphans” was one of the best ever. It aired on November 27, 1986. Thanksgiving is approaching, but only Diane (Shelley Long) has made plans to celebrate the holiday. So that no one will be left out of the festivities, Carla impulsively invites the Cheers gang to dinner at her place. Much to her dismay, Diane ends up coming to their dinner. Then Norm is cooking the worlds largest turkey, and it takes an extremely long time to cook. While the gang is impatiently waiting, one of the greatest food fights ensues. Things calm down afterwards. Then Norm’s wife, Vera, (who the audience has never seen) shows up. But the audience still doesn’t see her since Diane throws a pie, and it lands on Vera’s face!
Here is the last (and best) part of the episode:

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