Mr. Mouth

Oh yes, “He just can’t keep his big mouth shut!” The Pac-Man looking Mr. Mouth came out in 1976 by Tomy. It was a simple game. You would place chips in a plastic hand, and try to catapult the chips into Mr. Mouth as his head spun around, and his mouth opened and closed. You had to time it just right. If you shot too early, you would hit him in the face, and if you shot too late, you could be frustrated as the chip would hit him right on his mouth just as it was closing. Then you would get aggravated, and peg him in the back of his head when he turned away from you! The object of the game was to be the first to get all of your chips into his mouth.
After you get bored with that, you could back the hands up further away, and test your skills that way.

Later Mr. Mouth changed to a frog, and you catapult flies in his mouth. But there is nothing like our yellow big mouth friend (and sometimes enemy)!

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