Daily Trivia – 1/5/11

Question: What nickname did Warren Weber answer to on Happy Days?

Last Question: What sitcom based an entire 1989 episode on Kevin Arnold’s first zit?

Answer: The Wonder Years

The episode titled, “The Pimple” was aired in Season 3 on November 28, 1989. Here is description of the episode:

Kevin gets his first pimple a few days before his family friends, the Pruitts and their beautiful daughter Gina (Heather Green) come for a visit. As he desperately tries to get rid of his pimple, Kevin goes as far as paying Wayne for his zit cream to covering it with a band-aid and telling Winnie he got into a fight with school bully Tony Barbella (Tony Nittoli).

Here is the episode:


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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