Battle of the Bands * Repost *

Metal Health vs. Pyromania

Here is a new series where we pit either 2 bands or 2 albums against each other. And you get to vote!

First up is Quiet Riot’s Metal Health. This album was released on March 11, 1983. This classic album had three hits on the Billboard Top 100 for Mainstream Rock – “Cum On Feel the Noize”, “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)”, and “Slick Black Cadillac”. The group was led by Kevin DuBrow, who sad died of a cocaine overdose in November 2007.
Here is the track listing for Metal Health:
1. “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
2. “Cum on Feel the Noize
3. “Don’t Wanna Let You Go
4. “Slick Black Cadillac
5. “Love’s a Bitch
6. “Breathless
7. “Run for Cover
8. “Battle Axe
9. “Let’s Get Crazy
10. “Thunderbird

And they are up against Def Leppard’s Pyromania. This classic album was also released on January 20, 1983.
It was the band’s third album. It produced three top 40 hits – “Photograph”, “Rock of Ages”, and “Foolin'”. In 2004 the album was listed as number 384 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Here is the track listing:

1. “Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
2. “Photograph
3. “Stagefright
4. “Too Late for Love
5. “Die Hard the Hunter
6. “Foolin’
7. “Rock of Ages
8. “Comin’ Under Fire
9. “Action! Not Words
10. “Billy’s Got a Gun

Def Leppard went on to greater success than Quiet Riot, but these are two great rock albums that were released around the same time, and they were both all over MTV at the time. Def Leppard has stood the test of time, as they still go out and tour, and they put on a great show. Quiet Riot lead the charge for 80’s Hair Metal.

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