Daily Trivia – 1/10/11

Question: What Mel Brooks film featured characters named Princess Vespa, Pizza the Hutt and Barf?

Last Question: What sitcom’s theme song exulted: “We’ve finally got a piece of the pie”?

Answer: The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons aired on CBS from January 18, 1975, through June 25, 1985, lasting 11 seasons and a total of 253 episodes. The Jeffersons was a spin-off of All in the Family. During the January 11, 1975 episode of All in the Family, Edith Bunker gave a tearful good-bye to her neighbor Louise Jefferson, as she and her husband George, and their son Lionel, moved from a working class section of Queens into a luxury apartment in Manhattan. The Jeffersons premiered the following week, January 18, 1975.
The show starred the great Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford as George and Louise Jefferson.

The show featured some really good characters, such as Tom and Helen Willis, an interracial couple with two adult children of their own (whom George insultingly called “zebras”), Florence, the Jeffersons’ wisecracking housekeeper who always made fun of George, who was played by Five-time Emmy-nominee Marla Gibbs, and Harry Bentley, the British next door neighbor played by Paul Benedict. George was always slamming the door in his face, mid-sentence. Bentley also had a bad back, and constantly had George walk on his back, since he was the same weight as a Japanese woman who had treated his back that way.

The show ended in controversy after CBS abruptly canceled the series without allowing for a proper series finale. The cast were not informed until after the June 25, 1985, episode “Red Robins,” and actor Sherman Hemsley said he found out that the show was canceled by reading it in the newspaper.

In the series finale of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1996 the Jeffersons made a guest appearance and bought the house from the Banks’ family.

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