Guilty Pleasures – Frank Stallone’s “Far From Over”

Ah, there’s nothing like cheesy pop-rock of the ’80s to get you pumping. Especially, when it is sung by a legendary Stallone. No, not Sylvester (although, that would have been very interesting). I am talking about Sly’s younger brother, Frank Stallone. He scored a top-10 hit with “Far From Over”, which he wrote and recorded for the 1983 movie Staying Alive. Staying Alive was a sequel to the hit Saturday Night Fever, and starred John Travolta once again.

“Far From Over” was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Original Song from a Motion Picture and a Grammy Award for Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special. The song was Stallone’s only hit. This song came out around the same time that I started lifting weights. It was a great song to work out to. It did not make me interested in watching the Staying Alive movie, but I did like the song. I now have more Frank Stallone songs on my iPod than I have Wham!. But, I do have as many Frank Stallone songs as I have Sir-Mix-Alot, but that’s a different story.
Frank Stallone is still around, and has a Myspace page, and an Official Site.

Here is the music video:

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