One Year Later

January 13, 2010, one year ago today, I made my first blog entry. What a year it has been!
I have always enjoyed writing.


At the age of 10, I wrote my first story in a spiral notebook. It was a 23 page masterpiece called The Killer. It was a story about an evil man named Robby who fell off a roller coaster, which then ran over his fingers, cutting them off. Then he landed on a set of knives just right, so they replaced his fingers. He then went on a killing rampage. This was in 1980, and Nightmare on Elm Street came out in 1984. Coincidentally, I lost that notebook about 2 years after I began writing. Hmmmm. Was it stolen, or did my mother see it lying around and throw it out?
Anyway, not all of my stories were that crazy (although it may have been more realistic than Nightmare on Elm Street). I wrote stories about a time machine, bigfoot, and pirates. And the characters were always friends of mine. So, they would campaign to be a character in the next story.
Then, for some reason I just stopped writing by the time I reached Junior High. But, whenever I had a paper to write in college, I got awesome grades, and great comments from the professors.

Let the Blogging Begin!

Years later, I began to get the itch to start writing again. But what should I wrote about? There’s a saying out there – “Write what you know.” My passion has always been with the ’80s. Even in the mid-90s, people would come up to me and talk about ’80s music, and maybe some movies and TV.

Now these can be tough times, so people are looking back fondly to the ’80s. It seemed a lot simpler, and not so dark. It is fun to look back at our favorite decade. It is fun for me to look back and write about it, and I hope I am making it fun for all of you.

I started out slow, learning a little about blogging, and getting back into writing. For the month of January, the page averaged 4 hits per day. Then February, it actually went down to 2 per day. Slowly, it started building up though. Then I decided to put the page on Facebook, then a month or 2 after that I joined Twitter, then readership grew. And on December 17, 2010, WordPress put my article, “And Now a Word From Our Sponsor” – ’80s Christmas Commercials, on the front page of for the weekend. There were more hits in one weekend than there would be in 1 month! Now there are more faithful readers than ever. A lot of these readers are fellow bloggers who are great writers, and are very inspiring. I am very grateful for everybody that has been along for the long haul, and for everybody who has just recently found this blog, and continue to read. I understand that it can be fun feeding your “Farmville” animals, or putting a “Mafia” hit on somebody. So I really do appreciate people who take the time to read my stuff. Especially, a long, drawn-out article like this!

The Year That Was

2010 was quite an eventful year for ’80s figures. We lost some great people this past year – Andrew Koenig (Boner from “Growing Pains”), Corey Haim, Dixie Carter, Ronnie James Dio, Gary Coleman, Peter Graves, Leslie Nielsen, and Blake Edwards.

And we aren’t the only people with ’80s fever. The Karate Kid remake was very successful. That movie came out the same time as the A-Team movie. The Tron sequel came out almost 30 years after the original, as well as a Wall Street sequel.

Television saw the return of one of my favorite television series – V. Betty White had an incredible year, hosting one of the best Saturday Night Live episodes ever, and is on a new sitcom – Hot in Cleveland.

Music stars of the ’80s had a great year since I started this blog as well. Bret Michaels was almost one of our beloved celebrities that died. But, miraculously he survived a brain hemorrhage, won Celebrity Apprentice, and went out on tour. Duran Duran has come back with a new album. And a new Michael Jackson album has been released.

The Year Ahead

My beautiful wife gave me the idea of having trivia on the blog. So with that, Trivia Tuesday was born. It has been a very popular segment – especially on the Facebook page. Now it has been morphed into Daily Trivia. I will continue to write those trivia questions and answers as long as I can.

Wednesdays will continue to feature music videos. I know I throw some videos in some other articles as well, but it is fun to feature a video at least once a week.

The Ronald Reagan Quote of the Week has also been popular. But I think I see the end of the road coming for that feature. If anybody has any other ideas what to replace it with, please let me know.

I will continue to come up with articles to write about. I have a lot of Guilty Pleasures lined up for the coming weeks. And I am going to start the Horrible and Great Hits, back up. Please let me know if you have any ideas. I want to write what you want to read.

I am also going to work on changing the look and logo of the blog this coming year. I am looking forward to a great year. Although, does anybody really say, “Aww, this is gonna be a crappy year”?

Thank you once again for reading. And please continue to come back here anytime you want to Return to the ’80s!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I’m a newcomer to your site (started when WordPress featured you), but I’m hoping to become a longtime reader. You certainly picked a great subject…one of my favorites. Keep up the good work!

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