Daily Trivia – 1/21/11

Question: On Dallas, Who shot J.R.?
A. Bobby Ewing
B. Kristin Shepard
C. Cliff Barnes
D. Maggie Simpson

Last Question: What group scored top-10 hits with Lady (You Bring Me Up), Oh No, and Nightshift?

Answer: The Commodores

The Commodores had some huge hits in the 70′s. But they were also very successful in the early 80′s with hits such as “Oh No” and “Lady (You Bring Me Up)“.

In 1981, Lionel Richie sang “Endless Love” as a duet with Diana Ross. The result was a #1 hit. This encouraged Richie to go out on his own as a solo artist. After he left, the Commodores had one more big hit with “Nightshift”.

Here are my top 5 Commodores songs:

5. Brick House

4. Easy

3. Still

2. Nightshift

1. Lady (You Bring Me Up)

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