3 thoughts on “Music Video of the Week – Eddie Van Halen”

  1. No arguments here. Hard to top Eddie when it comes to the six-string.
    One thing I noticed is missing on your site: Level 42, the band with the best bass player in the world, Mark King.

    Still going strong in the 21st century, too.

    My all-time favorite band.


  2. Thanks Jim! I never knew that much about Level 42. I know I really like “Something About You”, but I really didn’t know much by them other than that. But, after listening to some of the songs, and seeing those bass solos, I’m very impressed. Where the band Chicago has a great fusion of rock, pop, and jazz, it seems like Level 42 has a great fusion of pop, rock, and funk (mostly due to Mark King’s bass work in most of the songs I heard).
    I’ll definitely look into writing something about them.
    I love feedback! I would have never known about them. Thanks again, Jim!


    1. Thank YOU. Look forward to reading it.
      Problem is, US radio stations only play “Something About You.” They had a few MTV hits in the 80s, but that’s the only song this country remembers. While it’s nice, it’s nowhere near their best.
      They just did a reunion tour with a handful of stops in the US. Thankfully I got to see them, and they sound better than ever.

      Back to the topic of this post, that “5150” video was great. It looked as if the band was clearly having fun there!


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