Guilty Pleasures – Tiffany

The former teen-queen will star along side fellow teen-queen, Debbie Gibson, in the upcoming guilty pleasure itself, “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid” on SyFy tomorrow.

I liked Tiffany. Her voice has kind of an edge to it. It is kind of like Stevie Nicks-lite (which is a compliment). Her dance music was popular, but I think her ballads are just as good, if not better.

In 1985, Tiffany appeared on Star Search with Ed McMahon, where she came in second place.

In 1987, Tiffany released her first album – Tiffany. In order to promote the album she went on a tour of shopping malls across the United States, called “The Beautiful You: Celebrating The Good Life Shopping Mall Tour ’87”. Her popularity exploded with the release of the Tommy James & the Shondells hit, “I Think We’re Alone Now”. The song skyrocketed to number 1. In February 1988, her ballad, “Could’ve Been” also shot up to number 1. She also had a hit with “I Saw Him Standing There”, which was a modified remake of the Beatles hit, “I Saw Her Standing There”. When she went on a concert tour in 1988, she cast the then-unknown singing group New Kids on the Block as the opening act. During the tour she briefly dated Jonathan Knight.

In late 1988, Tiffany released her second album, Hold an Old Friend’s Hand, which was less successful than her first album. Although it did not feature any number one hits, the song “All This Time” made the top ten. The album still went platinum.

However, like most ’80s acts, Tiffany’s popularity disappeared in the early-90s as musical tastes changed. Grunge and harder-edged rap were taking over, and dance-pop was fading.

Tiffany has been slowly coming back over the past decade. In the April 2002 issue of Playboy, she appeared fully nude. Then she started appearing in reality/competition shows. On April 2, 2005, Tiffany was featured on the British TV show Hit Me Baby One More Time, winning the first heat and securing a place in the show’s finale (which Shakin’ Stevens won). She also appeared on the U.S. version of the show on June 2, 2005, but lost to hip-hop group Arrested Development. Both versions of the show aimed to bring former pop stars back into the limelight. In 2007, Tiffany was also one of the contestants on the fifth season of the TV show Celebrity Fit Club, going from 152 to 124 lbs for a loss of 28 lbs. On October 18, 2008, Tiffany appeared on the CMT reality show Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling (CCW) where she was eliminated in the first episode due to poor wrestling performance. She was the first contender to be eliminated from the show.

Tiffany continues to record new music.

Here is my top-10 Tiffany songs:

10. I Saw Him Standing There

This song was a huge hit for Tiffany. But, I do not recommend listening to the Beatles’ version first. If you do, then you might be able to take Tiffany’s version for about 2 seconds before your ears start hurting, and you need to turn it off.

9. It’s the Lover Not the Love

This was a nice ballad off of Hold An Old Friend’s Hand. It sounds like it could be a Gloria Estefan song.

8. Spanish Eyes

This a good song that is not a ballad, but not a fast paced song either. However, you can get quite the earworm from this one. There could be worse songs that get stuck in your head, though.

7. Here In My Heart

This was a really good ballad from Tiffany’s New Inside album. It was written by Diane Warren.

6. All This Time

This was a big hit off of Hold An Old Friend’s Hand. It is a pretty good ballad:

5. I Think We’re Alone Now

Now this is a great remake. It deservedly became a hit. It’s a good fun song, and she made it her own. I like Tommy James and the Shondells, but I think I actually like Tiffany’s version better.

4. Hearts Never Lie

I love this duet off of Hold An Old Friend’s Hand. She is singing with Country Music artist Chris Farren. This could probably be a hit on Country Radio today.

3. Could’ve Been

Tiffany’s first hit ballad. It’s a really good heartbreaking song:

2. Hold An Old Friend’s Hand

This was always one of my favorites. The lyrics kind of have a country or folk feel to them. It’s another one of those songs that record companies probably did not like because it wasn’t a ballad, and it wasn’t a dance song.

1. Feelings of Forever

“Could’ve Been” was a bigger hit, but this was always my favorite ballad by Tiffany. The music is powerful, and it is very uplifting.

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