Daily Trivia – 2/10/11

Question: In Fast Times at Ridgemont High, who played football player “Charles Jefferson”?

Last Question: What late rock star was Elton John’s hit “Empty Garden” written about?

Answer: John Lennon

“Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)” was from Elton John’s 1982 album Jump Up! and reached number 13 in the US singles chart. Lennon and John were good friends, having performed a duet on Lennon’s 1974 hit “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night”, which the pair performed live at one of John’s concerts in the same year (Lennon’s last stage performance), along with two other songs. The “Empty Garden” referred to in the song is Madison Square Garden, where Lennon dueted with John in 1974. John has since performed the song several times at Madison Square Garden.

Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics, but Elton certainly felt a connection to the song, as he was good friends with Lennon and is the Godfather of Lennon’s second son, Sean. To this day, John rarely performs the song live, as he has said it brings back too many painful memories of Lennon’s death.

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