Daily Trivia – 2/22/11

Question: What caped African-American superhero regularly appeared on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids?

Last Question: In Footloose, who played the preacher’s daughter, “Ariel”?

Answer: Lori Singer

Before playing Ariel, daughter of Reverend Shaw Moore, in Footloose, Lori Singer had also starred as Julie Miller in the television show Fame. Beastmaster and V star, Marc Singer is her brother, and director Bryan Singer is her cousin. Lori has not appeared in too many other movies, but she is also a Juilliard-trained cellist. She plays the cello in Short Cuts, Fame, and also in Sarabande, a 1997 short film by Atom Egoyan that is part of the Inspired by Bach series, which also features cellist Yo-Yo Ma. She performed as soloist at Carnegie Hall in January 2008, premiering a hymn written by Karl Jenkins in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. Lori Singer does have an official web site, where she also posts a blog.

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