Daily Trivia – 2/23/11

Question: In Can’t Buy Me Love, what were “Ronald” and “Cindy” riding on as the closing credits role?

Last Question: What caped African-American superhero regularly appeared on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids?

Answer: The Brown Hornet

The Brown Hornet was a show-within-a-show on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. The Brown Hornet appeared on the show from 1979-1984. It was Fat Albert and the gang’s favorite show. Whenever it was coming on, they would drop whatever they were doing, and go racing to the TV. The show was about a confident and daring, space-age African-American superhero who patrolled intergalactic space with his trusty assistant Stinger and robotic sidekick Tweeterbell, to search out and fight evildoers. Episodes ended with Brown Hornet facing some perilous cliffhanger he would be forced to overcome at the beginning of the next episode (which normally took him about two seconds). The Brown Hornet would always solve a dilemma that Fat Albert and the gang were going through. They would have to solve their dilemma in the same type of way.

“The Disgusting Professor Scribbler”

“Space Racket”

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