Daily Trivia – 3/1/11

Question: In The Breakfast Club, what character used her cleavage to apply lipstick?

Last Question: What brand of sneakers did Run-D.M.C. wear in the music video for “It’s Tricky”?

Answer: Adidas

“it’s Tricky” was one of 4 hits from Run-D.M.C.’s triple platinum album Raising Hell. Adidas formed a long-term relationship with Run–D.M.C. and hip hop. Not only did Run-D.M.C. sport the sneakers in their videos and wherever you saw the rappers, but they also had a song dedicated to the sneaker – “My Adidas”.

Here is the song, “It’s Tricky” – one of my favorites by the group:

And here is “My Adidas”:

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