Daily Trivia – 3/3/11

Question: What 1986 show starred teenage actress Rebecca Schaeffer and former Mork & Mindy star Pam Dawber?

Last Question: What 7’6″ player became the tallest player in NBA history at that time?

Answer: Manute Bol

Manute Bol, the Sudanese-born NBA player was one of the tallest players of all time standing at 7 feet, 6 3/4 inches. Bol played basketball for many teams over his career. Obviously, his shot blocking skills were considered among the best in the history of the sport. He was not very good at scoring though. He is the only player in NBA history to have more blocked shots than points scored.

In 1985 Bol was drafted in the second round by the Washington Bullets, becoming the first African-born player to be drafted into the NBA. He played in the NBA for ten years, from 1985–1995, spending parts of four seasons with the Bullets, parts of three with the Golden State Warriors, parts of four with the Philadelphia 76ers and part of one season with the Miami Heat. In 1987, the Washington Bullets drafted the 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m) point guard Muggsy Bogues, pairing the tallest and shortest players in the league on the court for one season.

Manute Bol was also known for his activism. He spent most of his money supporting various causes related to his war-ravaged nation of birth, Sudan. Bol established the Ring True Foundation in order to continue fund-raising for Sudanese refugees. In 2002, Fox TV agreed to broadcast the telephone number of his Ring True Foundation in exchange for Bol’s agreement to appear on their Celebrity Boxing show. After the referee goaded, “If you guys don’t box, you won’t get paid”, he scored a third-round victory over former football player William “The Refrigerator” Perry.

Sadly, on June 19, 2010, Bol died from acute kidney failure and complications from Stevens–Johnson syndrome at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

4 thoughts on “Daily Trivia – 3/3/11”

  1. Loved Manute Bol! Actually, at one point in his career he turned into a pretty decent 3-point shooter:

    Too bad he’s with us anymore.


    1. It’s incredible how he could get those three’s. Some of them were pretty far behind the three point line.
      It is too bad he’s not with us anymore. He seemed classy and he was a great humanitarian.


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