Daily Trivia – 3/14/11

Question: In Superman III, who played computer genius “Gus Gorman”?

Last Question: On Miami Vice, what pop singer played “Crockett’s” wife from 1987 to 1988?

Answer: Sheena Easton

Sheena Eason, the pop star from Scotland, played a singer named Caitlin Davies whom Sonny Crockett was assigned to protect in Miami Vice. Sheena Easton played Caitlin fro 5 episodes as Sonny and Caitlin got married.
Then Frank Hackman, an old Crockett enemy was loose. During a shootout, Hackman’s wife was killed (as it turned out by Hackman himself), and sought revenge on Crockett, so he disguised himself as a member of the light crew on Caitlin’s music tour. He used a laser rifle to shoot Caitlin dead in Crockett’s arms. Later, it was found that the surprise Caitlin tried to tell Crockett but never could was she was six weeks pregnant with their child, which sent Crockett into a drunken rage and he tracked Hackman down and killed him in cold blood, thus beginning Crockett’s gradual descent into his alter-ego, Sonny Burnett.

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