Daily Trivia – 3/15/11

Question: What 1984 sci-fi movie did David Lynch direct after turning down an offer to direct Return of the Jedi?

Last Question: In Superman III, who played computer genius “Gus Gorman”?

Answer: Richard Pryor

Well, it was better than Superman IV. The late Richard Pryor played Gus Gorman, a bumbling computer genius. This Superman movie did not have Lex Luthor in it. Instead, it had Robert Vaughn as the multi-millionaire villain. I thought it was funny seeing Vaughn shilling for a local law office – d’Oliveira & Morgan. Then while watching TV in another state, he was in another law office commercial. What the hell?!

Superman III also starred Annette O’Toole as Lana Lang – Clark Kent’s first love. Now she has starred in Smallville as Clark Kent’s mother, Martha Kent. I haven’t seen Superman III since Smallville has been on the air, so I’m not sure if I would be freaked out or not.

2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia – 3/15/11”

  1. Never saw Superman III or IV. The first one was a big disappointment for me, but I loved the second one.
    That’s pretty cool using Annette O’Toole like that. They did something similar with Teri Hatcher, casting her as Lois’ mom in “Smallville” after playing Lois in “Lois and Clark.”


    1. Yes, the first one was pretty boring. It’s saving grace at the time was that the special effects were cutting edge.
      the second was my favorite by far. III may have been better than the first. IV was the worst.
      And Teri Hatcher had an incredible scene in “Smallville”. She was only on a video recording that she left for Lois, but it was very emotional. It’s too bad that the show only has a few episodes left.


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