Daily Trivia – 3/18/11

Question: What artist had a #1 hit with the theme from the movie Ghostbusters?


Last Question: On Family Ties, who guest starred as Elyse Keaton’s alcoholic brother Ned?


Answer: Tom Hanks

In this “very special episode” of Family Ties (aired on January 26, 1984), Tom Hanks played Ned Donnelly, Elyse Keaton’s brother, who became an alcoholic. This was after Hanks’ Bosom Buddies years, but just before he made his “splash” in Splash and Bachelor Party later that year.

Alex (Michael J. Fox) idolized Ned. But his image came crashing down when at 2:00 AM, Alex did not want to make a beer run and Uncle Ned chugged a bottle of vanilla extract:

The episode started funny when Ned made his grand entrance carrying the Keaton’s trash bags claiming some guys in a truck were trying to take them away. But, but towards the end of the episode, there was a dark turn, peaking when Uncle Ned “pimp slapped” poor Alex across the room.

After realizing what he did, Ned finally admitted that he needed help. Tom Hanks’ career then took off, and we never heard from Uncle Ned again.

p.s. This will be my last post for a while. So feel free to look back at some of my other articles in the meantime. As “Ahnuld” said in The Terminator, “Ahhl be back”.

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