Daily Trivia – 3/30/11

Question: In Weird Science, who played older brother “Chet”?


Last Question: What McDonald’s product bore the slogan, “The hot stays hot and the cool stays cool.”?

Answer: McDLT

See, all McDonalds food isn’t bad for you! Look at all the veggies that you could have on your burger! I think one side of the Styrofoam container had a whole head of lettuce and a big tomato slice on top of the top bun. Then the other side had the burger on the bottom bun. And the hot side did stay hot and the cold side did stay cold. But, most of the lettuce would fall out when you tried eating this sandwich. So we all reverted back to the Quarter Pounders, Big Macs, and Chicken McNuggets, and the Mc DLT disappeared.

Here is the original commercial starring “before he was famous” Jason Alexander:

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