Richie Sambora Enters Rehab; Bon Jovi to Continue Tour

The following is from TV Guide:

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has checked into rehab, but it will not affect the band’s upcoming North American and European tour.

“Our support for Richie is absolute. He is, and will remain, a member of Bon Jovi. Although he will be absent from upcoming shows for the time being, we very much look forward to his healthy return,” the band said in a statement. “In the meantime, we will keep our commitment to our fans and continue our tour.”

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The band did not say who would replace Sambora on the tour, which kicks off Saturday in New Orleans and runs through July 31 in Lisbon.

Sambora is being treated at an undisclosed facility. He previously did a stint in rehab in 2007.

“He’ll Be Back” – If the Script is Right

The following is from Entertainment Weekly:
He’ll be back… if the script is right. Arnold Schwarzenegger has given Hollywood agency CAA approval to discuss a potential new Terminator movie with studios, a source close to the star confirms to EW, but until Schwarzenegger sees a script and specifics about the project, he will not fully commit to it. Director Justin Lin (who helmed this weekend’s Fast Five) is reportedly attached to direct the film, but it does not yet have a screenwriter.

The rights to the franchise were sold to hedge fund Pacificor last year in a deal worth $29.5 million after Halcyon Holding — which had acquired the franchise in 2007 — declared bankruptcy. Sony and Lionsgate had attempted to jointly bid for the property, but the bankruptcy judge awarded it to the Santa Barbara, Calif.-based hedge fund management company instead.

The most recent film in the sci-fi franchise, 2009′s Terminator Salvation, grossed $371 million worldwide, but did not star Schwarzenegger (although his computer-generated likeness did make a brief cameo in the film’s final act). The former California governor’s last starring role was in 2003′s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (global gross: $433 million), and he continues to be strongly identified with the cybernetic assassin that helped propel him to superstardom. EW reported exclusively last month that Schwarzenegger’s first post-governor gig would be the animated series The Governator, a play off of the title combining “governor” and “Terminator” that became synonymous with his tenure running California’s government before he even had the job. “When I ran for governor back in 2003 and I started hearing people talking about ‘the Governator,’ I thought the word was so cool,” Schwarzenegger told EW last month. With so many speculating over what live-action role he will take on first now that he’s left the governor’s mansion, it’s not a huge surprise that while the 63-year-old is done being governor, he may not quite be done being the terminator. (Reporting by Benjamin Svetkey)

Daily Trivia – 4/29/11

Question: What British foursome had a hit with “I Want Candy”?

Last Question:In the original Arthur, what veteran actor played the butler named “Hobson”?

Answer: Sir John Gielgud

Sir John Gielgud (April 14, 1904 – May 21, 2000) was a legendary British actor. He is one of the few entertainers who have won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award.

He won an Oscar for his role as Hobson in Arthur.

Here is one of my favorite scenes:

Here are the other awards he won:

Emmy Awards

1991: Winner for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie, for Summer’s Lease

Tony Awards

1948: Winner for Outstanding Foreign Company, The Importance of Being Earnest

1959: Winner, Special Award, for contribution to theatre for his extraordinary insight into the writings of Shakespeare as demonstrated in his one-man show, Ages of Man

1961: Winner for Best Director (Dramatic), for Big Fish, Little Fish, a play by Hugh Wheeler

Grammy Awards

1979: Winner for Best Spoken Word, Documentary or Drama Recording, for Ages of Man – Recordings from Shakespeare

Return the Song, Artist and Lyrics – 4/29/11

On the day of the big wedding, can you return the song, artist, and the lyrics from this British band?

So don’t become some background noise
A backdrop for the girls and boys
Who just don’t know or just don’t care
And just complain when you’re not there
You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour

All we ____ __ _____ __ __

Here is yesterday’s…

Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran

In touch with the ground
I’m on the Hunt I’m After You

**Repost** “The Wedding of the Century”

These days, there have been a lot of remakes and sequels from the ’80s. The Karate Kid, The A-Team, Tron, and Wall Street. So why not “The Wedding of the Century”? Sure, I think there’s some kind of wedding tomorrow, that is bringing back memories from 30(!) years ago. But, for us, the REAL “Wedding of the Century” occurred on July 29, 1981 Lady Diana Frances Spencer married Charles, Prince of Wales at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Make no mistake, if it was not for Diana, this would have just been a footnote in England’s history.

Instead, the wedding was watched by 750 million people worldwide. There were 3,500 people in the congregation at St. Paul’s Cathedral. There were 2 million spectators lined along the route of Diana’s procession from Clarence House, with 4,000 police and 2,200 military officers to manage the crowds.

Diana arrived at St. Paul’s Cathedral in a glass coach, escorted by five mounted military police officers. The carriage was too small to comfortably hold Diana’s father and Diana in her dress and train.

After the ceremony, the couple went to Buckingham palace for a small dinner for 120. Appearing on a balcony, Diana and Charles pleased the crowd by kissing.

However, the “fairy-tale” couple grew apart – especially under the scrutiny of the tabloids. Diana and Charles announced a separation in 1992, though they continued to carry out their royal duties. In August 1996, the couple officially divorced. In exchange for a generous settlement, and the right to retain her apartments at Kensington Palace and her title of “princess,” Diana agreed to relinquish the title of “Her Royal Highness” and any future claims to the British throne.

But, the popularity of Diana still soared, and she was considered “a queen in people’s hearts.” Then, tragically, on August 31, 1997, she was killed with her companion Dodi Fayed in a car accident in Paris. Tests conducted by French police indicated that the driver, who also died in the crash, was intoxicated and likely caused the accident while trying to escape the paparazzi photographers who consistently tailed Diana during any public outing.

To this day, people from all over the world believe, as well as Dodi Fayed’s father, believe that Queen Elizabeth was involved with Diana’s death in some way.

On April 9, 2005, Prince Charles wed his longtime mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, in a private civil ceremony. After the civil ceremony, which the queen did not attend, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams blessed the union on behalf of the Church of England in a separate blessing ceremony. An estimated 750 guests attended the event (a long way from 3,500!), which was held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor and was attended by both of Charles parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Though Camilla technically became the Princess of Wales with the marriage, she has announced her preference for the title Duchess of Cornwall, in deference to the beloved late princess. Should Charles become king, she will become Queen Camilla, though she has already announced her intention to use the title Princess Consort, most likely in response to public opinion polls showing resistance to the idea of a “Queen Camilla.”

Daily Trivia – 4/28/11

Question: In the original Arthur, what veteran actor played the butler named “Hobson”?

Last Question:What type of animal was the Wacky Wallwalker toy shaped like?

Answer: An Octopus

The Wacky WallWalker was one of the biggest fads of the ’80s. It was the ’80s answer to the Pet Rock.
The Wacky WallWalker was a semi-sticky soft-rubber-like toy shaped like an octopus. You would throw it against the wall, and it would stick for a couple of seconds. Then it would slowly roll its way down the wall. With its dangling sticky legs, it would look like it was walking down the wall.

This would only work for a few times until the stickiness wore off, or if it got dust or dirt on it.
I confirmed that these did not stick to people. I performed hundreds tests on my little sister and brother, who were unwilling participants in this experiment.
You could have different competitions. They could be races down the wall, or you could see whose could stick to the wall the longest time before they started crawling down. In the latter competition, you would really huck these as hard as you could against the wall. Good times!

The Wacky Wallwalkers came about when Ken Hakuta received in the mail several sticky octopus-like toys from his mother, who lived in Japan. They were gifts for his children, but he somehow saw the marketing potential in this toy. So, in 1983, he purchased the rights to the product in 1983 for $100,000. Then several media outlets ran stories on the Wacky Wallwalkers, and their popularity took off. You could find them as prizes in cereal boxes, or quarter vending machines.

Over 240 million were sold, and made about $80 million. And teachers to reinforce their drawers of confiscated items.

Here is a Corn Pops commercial that features it’s prize towards the end:

Return the Song, Artist and Lyrics – 4/28/11

Can you return the song and lyrics from Princess Diana’s favorite band?

In touch with the ground
I’m on the ____ __ _____ ___

Here is yesterday’s…

Wind Beneath My Wings by Sheena Easton:

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?
And everything I’d like to be,
I can fly Higher than an Eagle

Here is the Bonus:

It’s Tricky by Run D.M.C.

I met this little girlie, her hair was kinda curly
Went to her house and bust her out, I had to leave real early
These girls are really sleazy, all they just say is please me
Or spend some time and rock a rhyme, I said “It’s not that easy”
It’s Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time

Music Video of the Week – 4/27/11

In honor of Ace Frehley’s 60th birthday today, this week’s selection is “I Love It Loud”, which was the last Kiss video that featured Frehley:

“I Love It Loud”, which came off of Kiss’ 1982 album, Creatures of the Night. This was also the last video that featured Kiss in their famous make-up before unmasking in 1983. This was also the last Kiss single to feature Simmons on lead vocals until “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II” in 1991, and the last to feature Simmons as the sole lead vocalist until “Unholy” in 1992. He was however the lead singer of every song on the ‘B’ side of every single they did through the “Crazy Nights” album.

Return the Song, Artist and Lyrics

Today’s artist is celebrating a birthday today. This song was a #1 hit (and more popular) by somebody else. But this Scottish songstress wasn’t too shabby herself. Can you name the artist(s) song and finish the lyrics:

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?
And everything I’d like to be,
I can fly ______ ____ __ _____

Here’s a bonus one that may be more difficult. This is from a rap trio:

I met this little girlie, her hair was kinda curly
Went to her house and bust her out, I had to leave real early
These girls are really sleazy, all they just say is please me
Or spend some time and rock a rhyme, I said “It’s not that easy”

__’_ ______ __ ____ _ _____, __ ____ _ _____ ____’_ _____ __ ____

Here is yesterday’s…

St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) by John Parr:

I can see a new horizon underneath the blazing sky
I’ll be where the eagle’s flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion, All I need Is A Pair of Wheels

Daily Trivia – 4/27/11

Question: What type of animal was the Wacky Wallwalker toy shaped like?

Last Question: Can you fill in the blank: “Nothing comes between me and my ______.”

Answer: Calvins

Calvin Klein stirred up controversy when they had a campaign that featured a fifteen-year-old Brooke Shields. Some of the commercials were actually banned, including this one where Brooke asks “Do you want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing!” :