Daily Trivia – 4/4/11

Question: What four artists recorded “That’s What Friends Are For” in 1985 to raise money to fight AIDS?


Last Question: What toy asked, “Can you and I be friends?”

Answer: Teddy Ruxpin

Sure, that bear looks cute and cuddly. That is until he starts talking and his mouth and eyes move. This evil bear made his debut in 1985, and was produced by Worlds Of Wonder. You stuck a cassette tape in his back and play it. Then Teddy Ruxpin’s mouth would move. The company produced books on tape that the bear would read.

The Worlds of Wonder company went bankrupt in 1990, and this toy line was picked up by Hasbro, which produced him under their Playskool line until 1996. They changed the cassette size to be special cartridges instead of standard cassette tape size.

In 1998, Yes! Entertainment brought Teddy Ruxpin back to stores for a third time. They went back to the original cassette size. In 2005 Backpack Toys announced a fourth version of Teddy Ruxpin, which replaced the audio tapes with digital cartridges. The doll is no longer produced.

Here is an early commercial:

The Teddy Ruxpin doll was so popular when it was first released that a cartoon was created for it: The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. The show ran from 1987-1988. Teddy Ruxpin leaves his homeland in Rillonia with his friend Grubby in search of adventure.

I hope everybody enjoyed Teddy Ruxpin! Because, when Skynet takes over and destroys the world, we can all look back and see that the creation of Teddy Ruxpin started it all.

Do you think Teddy Ruxpin was creepy, or am I freaking out over nothing? Here is a poll. If you know of any other doll that is more creepy, please leave a comment. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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