New Journey Song – “City of Hope”

Journey released “City of Hope” from their upcoming album “Eclipse”.

From the band’s official site:

“Eclipse” will be released on Scarecrow Records in Mexico, WET Music in Brazil and D.B.N. in the rest of Latin America.

The first single from “Eclipse” in South America will be “Human Feel”, also available digitally from April 4th. Online stores carrying the new single include iTunes and Telcel in Mexico, Claro, Telefonica and Comcel in Colombia, and Porta in Ecuador.

“Eclipse” will be released on May 27th, with the “Eclipse Tour” kicking off with major arena shows in the UK and Eire together with Foreigner and Styx. The tour also visits Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Scandinavia, France and – for the first time ever – Italy, before the North American tour which starts in mid-July.

Here is the song, “City of Hope”. I am a huge Journey fan, and if you told me that Steve Perry was the lead vocals on this song, I might actually believe you:

3 thoughts on “New Journey Song – “City of Hope””

  1. Wow, that sounds good! They’re not just going through the motions…they’re defintiely back in the game with that one. Thanks for sharing.


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