Return the Song, Artist and Lyrics

Today’s artist is celebrating a birthday today. This song was a #1 hit (and more popular) by somebody else. But this Scottish songstress wasn’t too shabby herself. Can you name the artist(s) song and finish the lyrics:

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?
And everything I’d like to be,
I can fly ______ ____ __ _____

Here’s a bonus one that may be more difficult. This is from a rap trio:

I met this little girlie, her hair was kinda curly
Went to her house and bust her out, I had to leave real early
These girls are really sleazy, all they just say is please me
Or spend some time and rock a rhyme, I said “It’s not that easy”

__’_ ______ __ ____ _ _____, __ ____ _ _____ ____’_ _____ __ ____

Here is yesterday’s…

St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) by John Parr:

I can see a new horizon underneath the blazing sky
I’ll be where the eagle’s flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion, All I need Is A Pair of Wheels

4 thoughts on “Return the Song, Artist and Lyrics”

  1. Sheena Easton sang this? Yeah, I had to look up that it was her birthday.
    I knew the song was Wind Beneath My Wings, though
    “I can fly higher than an eagle”

    No clue on that rap song, so I’ll let someone else guess.


    1. Yeah, it was on her 1982 album Madness, Money & Music. But I had first heard it on her Best of album in 1989. Now, I can’t remember if I heard her version, or Bette Midler’s first.

      Nobody got Run D.M.C. That song (It’s Tricky) came on my iPod, and I couldn’t resist throwing it on here.


  2. The answer is higher than an eagle. The artist is Bette Midler and the song is The Wind Beneath My Wings. Let me know if I’m right. Janice S


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