Daily Trivia – 5/5/11

Question: On Mork & Mindy, what was the name of the title characters’ son?

Last Question:In The Cannonball Run, what was the name of Dom DeLuise’s character’s alter ego?

Captain Chaos is the alter ego of Dom Deluise’s character, Victor Prinzim. Whenever Victor or any of his friends are being threatened, Victor is instantly compelled to don his satin cape and mask to become Captain Chaos. Captain Chaos is an annoyance to his friend J.J. (Burt Reynolds). Whenever he turned into Captain Chaos, he reffered to J.J. as Kato, which is the same name as The Green Hornet’s sidekick. Because of this, Victor is explicitly forbidden from speaking the name of Captain Chaos in front of J.J., hence the reason Victor always cautiously refers to the hero simply as “…Him.” (usually followed by a twinge of magical music).

Here is Captain Chaos in action:

Captain Chaos

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