Daily Trivia – 5/26/11

Question: On the set of what Cars video did Ric Ocasek meet his future wife Paulina Porizkova?

Last Question: Sure, we know ALF stand’s for Alien Life Form, but what was ALF’s real name?

Answer: Gordon Shumway

The following is from the Alien Species Wiki:

Gordon Shumway, better known as ALF, is a friendly alien from the now destroyed planet of Melmac. ALF crashed his spaceship into the Tanner’s garage and became a member of their family. Like most Melmacians, ALF is roughly 3 feet tall, has rust-colored fur, a large nose and ears, four fingers, eight stomachs, green-colored blood a body temperature of 425 degrees and his heart is located in his head. He is clumsy and has caused hundreds of troubles in the Tanners’ home. His home planet, Melmac, exploded due to nuclear war. He once had a girlfriend named Rhonda back on Melmac. He has a huge family: a dad Bob, a mom Flo, a brother Curtis, a sister Augie, cousins “pretty boy ” Shumway Blinky, Bud and Frita, uncles Tinkle and Goomer, aunts Bubba, Eugene, Wange, Wlima and Becky, a grandma and grandpa and many others.

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