Judas Priest, Steven Tyler and the comeback of the Sax on American Idol

Well the American Idol finale sucked. But, there were a couple of good parts that made it worth watching.

Here’s my favorite contestant performing with Judas Priest. They actually did two songs – “Living After Midnight” and “Breaking the Law”:

And the other great part was the Aerosmith-less Steven Tyler performing “Dream On”, and he sounded as good as ever:

And a comeback was made on the show – the Sax in a pop/rock song! I believe it had disappeared in shame after Kenny G. broke on to the music scene. But it came back for this Lady Ga Ga song. I (surprisingly) did not mind this. Of course I did have my head buried in a game of Bejeweled, so I wasn’t watching the screen. The Sax makes its appearance at 2:50. It made me look up at the screen. Then I dry heaved, and went back to my game.

3 thoughts on “Judas Priest, Steven Tyler and the comeback of the Sax on American Idol”

  1. I gotta say I miss the obligatory sax solo. You’re more like my nephew, who thinks it sounds like a heron being strangled.

    At least we agree that Steven Tyler’s still got it.


    1. Oh no, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I really miss the sax. I have actually been compiling a list of songs with saxes in them. It’s Lady Ga Ga that irritates me. She’s so talented, but it feels like she’s more about appearance than music. Maybe she’ll grow out of it eventually. At least she’s one of the very few new pop stars that don’t use Autotune.
      Oh, maybe it’s only Kenny G. that makes a sax sound like a heron being strangled. I can’t remember if he was late ’80s or early ’90s. If he was late ’80s, he’ll top my Horrible list. 🙂


      1. Ah, gotcha. Not too fond of the Ga Ga act, either.

        Kenny will be on your next Horrible list – I peeked ahead and my lists are done for the rest of the decade. Will he be on mine? Well…ah, if I liked Wham! you gotta figure I liked Kenny, too.


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