Daily Trivia – 6/8/11

Question: At the end of the Family Ties series, where did Alex go to start his career?

Last Question: What was the name Prince’s first solo album after he and the Revolution broke up?

Answer: Sign o’ the Times

After Prince and the Revolution’s hugely successful Purple Rain, Prince expanded the band. Some of the original members were unhappy with all of the new additions to the band. Several members quit, and the band was officially dissolved.

Sign o’ the Times was Prince’s first album after the breakup. This was an ambitious double-album. Although it did not sell as well as the previous albums, it was a modest success and critics loved it. It featured different styles – rock, pop, soul and funk.

Here are the track listings:

Side one

“Sign ☮’ the Times” – 4:57
“Play in the Sunshine” – 5:05
“Housequake” – 4:42
“The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” – 4:01

Side two

“It” – 5:09
“Starfish and Coffee” (Prince, Susannah Melvoin) – 2:50
“Slow Love” (Prince, Carole Davis) – 4:22
“Hot Thing” – 5:39
“Forever in My Life” – 3:30

Side three

“U Got the Look” featuring Sheena Easton – 3:47
“If I Was Your Girlfriend” – 5:01
“Strange Relationship” – 4:01
“I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” – 6:29

Side four

“The Cross” – 4:48
“It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night” (Prince, Doctor Fink, Eric Leeds) – 9:01
“Adore” – 6:30

One thought on “Daily Trivia – 6/8/11”

  1. “Hot Thing” was my favorite under-the-radar Prince song. I’d love to hear it mashed up with Sheila E’s “A Love Bizarre.”


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