Daily Trivia – 6/15/11

Question: What group reached the top 40 with the song “Catch me I’m Falling”?

Last Question: After a three-year hiatus, The Family Feud was brought back in syndication with what man replacing Richard Dawson as host?

Answer: Ray Combs

Family Feud originally aired from 1976-1985 with Richard Dawson as the host. It was cancelled due to poor ratings.

Three years later, in 1988, Family Feud returned with comedian Ray Combs taking over for Dawson as host.

Combs was born on April 3, 1956 in Hamilton, Ohio, (near Cincinnati). In 1983, he began a career in comedy. He began his career doing audience warm-ups for sitcoms. Johnny Carson noticed this and invited him to perform on The Tonight Show in October 1986; the audience gave Combs a standing ovation.

In 1988, game show producers Mark Goodson and Howard Felsher selected Combs to host a new version of Family Feud.

After the death of Mark Goodson in 1993, ratings went down again. In 1994, Jonathan Goodson, who became chairman of Mark Goodson Productions after his father’s death, made the decision to replace Combs with Richard Dawson.

The taping of his final episode aired in first-run syndication on May 27, 1994. During the “Fast Money” bonus round, the five answers given by the second contestant each netted zero points. Ray joked, “You know, I’ve done this show for six years and this could be the first time I had a person that actually got no points and I think it’s a damn fine way to go out. Thought I was a loser until you walked up here. You made me look like a man.” Then, instead of mingling with the two competing families at the end of the show, Combs proceeded to walk off the set immediately after his sign-off, and possibly out of the studio as well.

Here is that final round:

Combs made several attempts to make it back into television, but was unsuccessful. On June 2, 1996, sadly, Ray Combs committed suicide.

Meanwhile, Richard Dawson only lasted one year in his comeback on the show. Family Feud then went on a four year hiatus. When it came back in 1999, Dawson was asked to come back again, but he turned down the gig, and decided to no longer be involved with the show. So Louie Anderson became the new host. He stayed on for 3 years. Richard Karn, of Home Improvement fame, took over in the fourth season.

From 2006-2010, John O’Hurley took over hosting duties from Karn. In 2010, Steve Harvey became the new host, and is still on the air.

2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia – 6/15/11”

    1. You got this one to, Jim!
      I was shocked and sad when Ray Combs killed himself. I loved him on Family Feud. I didn’t know he did stand-up before he got the gig on the show. You learn something new every day!


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