Daily Trivia – 6/30/11

Question: In Top Gun, what does Maverick say to Goose in the bar to let him know it was time to sing to someone?

Last Question: On Family Ties, what character formed an all girl rock band called “The Permanent Waves”?

Answer: Jennifer

The episode was titled “Band on the Run”. Alex was the chairman of the entertainment committee for his college, and had to find a band for a reunion. Jennifer was in an all-girl band, and convinced Alex to let her band audition. After hearing them, Alex was impressed. So he convinced them to sign him as manager.

Of course in typical Alex fashion, he got out of control. He renamed the band from The Permanent Waves to The Swinging Corporate Raiders (or maybe it was The $winging Corporate Raiders), and had them singing Andrews Sisters style tunes. At the reunion, while playing one of those crap songs, Jennifer has a meltdown, and runs off stage. Her and Alex hash things out. Then Jennifer says that the band can manage themselves, and if they make it big, Alex can be their accountant. Then Alex says, that if he hits it big, they can play at his inauguration.

There are a couple of guest stars to note. Christina Applegate was one of the band members, just shortly before she rose to fame on Married… with Children. Also, Rain Phoenix, sister of River, Joaquin, Summer, and Liberty, played another band member.

Here is the episode:

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