Daily Trivia – 7/8/11

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Question: In Bachelor Party, who played Tom Hanks’ character’s bride-to-be?

Last Question: On The Great Space Coaster, who hosted the “No Gnews Show”?

Answer: Gary Gnu

“No Gnews is Good Gnews with Gary Gnu”.

The Great Space Coaster ran from 1981 through 1986.

The show was about three young singers (Francine, Danny, and Roy) who are brought to an asteroid in space by a puppet clown character named Baxter who pilots the “space coaster”, a rollercoaster-like spaceship. The asteroid is populated by strange-looking, wise-cracking puppet characters like Goriddle Gorilla, Knock-Knock the Woodpecker, Edison the Elephant and Gary Gnu.

Here is a clip of Gary Gnu:

Here is the first part of an episode:

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