Daily Trivia – 7/21/11

Question: What year was the first Space Shuttle launch, and what was the name of the first Shuttle?

Last Question: Where did Ernest go, in the title of the first Ernest movie?

Answer: Camp

Ernest Goes to Camp was the first movie when it was released in 1987.
Other Ernest movies include Ernest Saves Christmas, Slam Dunk Ernest, Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Goes to Africa, Ernest Rides Again, Ernest Goes to School, Ernest Scared Stupid, and Ernest in the Army.

But, Ernest did not start off in movies. The character, played by Jim Varney, appeared in television commercials. He would talk to Vern about whatever product he was hocking. The commercials were structured in a way to allow the viewer to be Vern, as Ernest looked directly in the camera whenever Vern was addressed.

Here are some classics:

In addition to playing Ernest, Jim Varney played Jed Clampett in the 1993 movie version of The Beverly Hillbillies, and he did the voice for the Slinky Dog in the first two Toy Story movies. Varney was replaced by Blake Clark in Toy Story 3 due to his death in 2000.

Varney died of lung cancer on February 10, 2000 in his home in White House, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville, at the age of 50.

2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia – 7/21/11”

  1. 1981. Columbia blasted off with John Young and Robert Crippen on board.
    The shuttle program didn’t grab me as much as Apollo did, but I’m still going to miss it. Glad that Atlantis made it back safely. So long, STS!


    1. The shuttle was pretty cool. But my dad had (and probably still has) old newspaper clippings from the original space missions. I used to love looking through those. And I have very early memories of seeing the rockets take off.


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