30 Day Song Challenge: Day 12 – A Song From a Band You Hate

“Once Bitten, Twice Shy” by Great White

Hate is such a strong word! But, it comes pretty close to how I feel about Great White after February 20, 2003. That is the night that 100 people died in a fire that was started by the band at The Station. This wasn’t a stadium where they decided to set off pyrotechnics. It was a night club. Maybe they knew that their music alone couldn’t get the audience into the concert, so they decided to use pyrotechnics. They weren’t the only ones with blood on their hands. The cheap-ass owners, the Derderian brothers (Michael and Jeffrey) installed crappy sound insulation foam which caught fire easily.
Although, Great White wasn’t 100% at fault, and one of their band members died (lead guitarist Ty Longley), they will never get a dime from me. Plus it doesn’t help that I never care much for their music anyway. I much prefer Whitesnake or White Lion.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Song Challenge: Day 12 – A Song From a Band You Hate”

  1. Great choice. Never liked that song, especially.

    I chose the least annoying of UB40’s songs, “The Way You Do The Things You Do.”

    I love calypso music. I love steel drum music. But I do not like reggae music at all. As you said, “hate” is a strong word, but this band is definitely on my “extreme dislike” list.


    1. Good choice! I also came close to having UB40 for mine also. I never heard this song before. I really like that kind of music, but for some reason, they just can’t seem to pull it off for me.


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