Daily Trivia – 7/25/11

Question: What film had Robin Williams’ character telling his long-lost father, “We got the same squinky eye”?

Last Question: What series starring Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker was nearly dropped in 1982, until CBS put it in the slot after Magnum P.I.?

Answer: Simon & Simon

On Simon & Simon, Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker played brothers who had their own private detective business. McRaney played the street smart, Vietnam Vet Rick, and Parker played the book-smart Andrew Jackson aka A.J.

After Simon & Simon, Jameson Parker did not really have any other major roles. He appeared in several television movies. In his book An Accidental Cowboy, Jameson Parker recounts his life after Simon & Simon. Another book Parker has written is called To Absent Friends, which he calls “a collection of stories of the dogs we miss”.

Other than Simon & Simon, Gerald McRaney had another role that he was well known for, Major John D. “Mac” MacGillis in the sitcom Major Dad. Most recently, he starred as the villainous General Morrison in 2010’s A-Team movie. Now, he has a recurring role as a judge in the show Fairly Legal on the USA channel.

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