Daily Trivia – 7/29/11

Question: What Cyndi Lauper chart-topper was later adopted by Kodak for an ad campaign?

Last Question: What Not Necessarily the News regular coined the word “sniglet” for “a word that should be in the dictionary, but isn’t”?

Answer: Rich Hall

Here is the first 9 minutes of a Not Necessarily the News episode:

Here are some examples of Sniglets:

Toastaphobia: The fear of sticking a fork in a toaster even when it’s unplugged.

Adam 69: Two police cars, parked next to each other, facing opposite directions, in such a way that the drivers’ side doors are only inches from each other, allowing the officers to chat with each other while waiting for a traffic violation to happen.

Sark: The marks left on one’s ankle after wearing tube socks all day.

Ancinemation: The curious act of waiting in line to see a movie and watching exiting movie goers’ reactions to see if they liked the movie or not.

Downpause: The split second interruption of rain as you drive your car under a bridge.

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