Surviving Hurricane Irene

Hey Gang, this is one of the rare non-80s related articles that I am posting today. My wife and I survived Hurricane Irene. However, our power did not. We lost power between 8:30-9:00 yesterday morning right at the very beginning of the hurricane. If it comes back up sooner rather than later, I will be shocked (hopefully not literally). To make matters worse, we have well water. The water comes through a pressure tank, which runs on…you guessed it…electricity! So, we have no water either! We filled up buckets of water before we lost power, so at least we can get the toilets to work for most of the week.

Things could have been much worse for us though. The neighbor behind us has a couple of huge trees that are not too healthy. They wobble like crazy in a little windstorm – never mind a hurricane! But, they just lost a few humongous branches, which landed in their own yard. So, we had no damage, and just lost a refrigerator full of food (and the clock is ticking on the freezer full of food).

So, I apologize ahead of time if the Daily Trivia and Music Trivia are sporadic this week. I only have my lunchtime at work to write them up. Hopefully, I’ll be back in full force before the week is over though.

Is there anybody else that was affected by the hurricane this weekend? I hope everybody is doing well.

2 thoughts on “Surviving Hurricane Irene”

  1. Trouble seems to follow you, huh? Just read about your experience in the Loma Prieta earthquake. Glad to hear that things could have been a lot worse. Take care and take your time posting new entries. We can be patient while you sort out things at home.


    1. Thanks Jim. I’m back now. We were without water and power for 49-50 hours. There are still a lot of people in our town without power though. I definitely don’t lead a boring life!


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