Daily Trivia – 9/9/11

Question: What sitcom featured Sabrina Le Beauf, after she beat out Whitney Houston for the role of Sondra?

Last Question: What suave tobacco spokescharacter debuted in 1987 to charges that he was too kid-friendly

Joe Camel

Joe Camel was the mascot for Camel Cigarettes from 1987 to July 12, 1997, appearing in magazine advertisements, billboards, and other print media. He was brought in by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to promote Camel’s 75th anniversary. Before long, lawsuits were brought up against R.J. Reynolds for targeting children for their cigarettes. R.J. Reynolds denied the claim, and kept on with their campaign. They said that Joe Camel’s target audience was 25-49-year-old males and current Marlboro smokers. In response to the criticism, R. J. Reynolds instituted “Let’s Clear the Air on Smoking”, a campaign of full-page magazine advertisements consisting entirely of text, typically set in large type, denying those charges, and declaring that smoking is “an adult custom”.

However, documents were discovered that showed the industry’s interest in targeting children as future smokers. So under pressuer, R. J. Reynolds voluntarily ended the Joe Camel campaign.

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