Daily Trivia – 9/21/11

Question: What beach town near L.A. was home to Jack, Janet and Chrissy’s pad on Three’s Company?

Last Question: What beer ran U.S. ads with a slogan mistranslated into Spanish as “filling, and less delicious”?

Answer: Miller Lite

Lite Beer from Miller; everything you’ve always wanted in a beer…and less

Miller Lite’s long-running “Great Taste…Less Filling!” advertising campaign was ranked by Advertising Age magazine as the 8th-best advertising campaign in history. However, according to Time Magazine, in an attempt to appeal to Spanish-speaking Americans, they ventured into Spanglish to promote their beer – which translated into “filling, and less delicious”

But the commercials were great as they starred many actors and athletes. Sometimes the commercials were more entertaining than the shows that they were interrupting. Here is a great example:

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