Daily Trivia – 10/27/11

Question: How did Jennifer die in Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3″?

A. An asthma attack
B. Sliced and diced
C. Freddy put her head through a tv
D. She was blown up

Last Question: Whose long-dead corpse, stabbed repeatedly by a fencepost, is reanimated by a lucky lightening bolt, in a 1986 movie?

Answer: Jason’s

Jason was brought back to life in the 1986 movie Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Tommy Jarvis, who survived parts IV and V went to the cemetery with his friend so they could cremate Jason’s body. After they exhumed the body, Tommy went nuts and stabbed the body with a steel fence post. Apparently he didn’t think this through very well, as there was a lightning storm going on while he was doing this. Of course, the fence post acted as a conductor when lightning hit the post, and brought Jason back to life a-la Frankenstein.
Of course, Jason would go on to another killing rampage through this and 5 more movies (including Freddy vs. Jason), before the Friday the 13th franchise itself got brought back to life in 2009 with a reboot.

Here is the scene with Jason being brought back to life. This is graphic and contains bad language:

If that is too graphic for you, here is the movie trailer instead:

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