One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1983 – Patti Austin

“Baby, Come to Me” by Patti Austin

“Baby, Come to Me”, a duet with Patti Austin and James Ingram (with Michael McDonald contributing background vocals) appeared on Austin’s 1981 album, Every Home Should Have One. When it was first released, the song peaked at number 73 in 1982. However, the song found new life when it was used in the soap opera General Hospital for romantic scenes involving Luke Spencer after his wife Laura temporarily left the show. ABC received so many inquiries about the song that the record label, Warner Brothers, decided to re-release it as a single, and reached number one on February 19, 1983.

Patti Austin has had many R&B and Jazz hists, but “Baby, Come to Me” was her only mainstream hit. She still performs, and most recently, she appeared on the “We Are the World: 25 for Haiti”, a charity single.

But here is her much better, and only mainstream hit, “Baby, Come to Me”:

2 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1983 – Patti Austin”

  1. I was into the whole Luke & Laura thing on General Hospital, and I liked a girl who watched the show, and I liked the song, so “Baby Come To Me” reached almost mythic status for me. Ah, memories…


    1. That’s awesome! I actually never saw General Hospital. My mother and sister watched the NBC soaps – Days of Our Lives and Another World. However, if we had the Soapnet channel I may have been tempted to check out General Hospital: Night Shift since the “Smooth One” Billy Dee Williams appeared on it.


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