Daily Trivia: 11/10/11

Question: In what film did Clint Eastwood play a Vietnam veteran – and former P.O.W. – who is entrusted to steal a highly advanced Soviet fighter aircraft?

Last Question: What does Taylor do when he sees his first dead body in the jungle?

A. Cry
B. Faint
C. Throw Up
D. Laugh

Answer: C. Throw Up

Taylor threw up and got in trouble for it.

Platoon is often considered one of the best war movies of all time. It was written and directed by Oliver Stone, who served in the Army himself. In September 1967, he enlisted in the Army requesting combat duty in Vietnam. He fought with the 25th Infantry Division, then with the First Cavalry Division, earning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart with an Oak Leaf Cluster before his discharge in 1968 after 15 months.

Platoon was a semi-autobiographical film about Stone’s experience in combat. The movie won several Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe were also nominated each for Best Supporting Actor as Sgt. Barnes and Sgt. Grodin, respectively. Michael Caine ended up winning in that category for his role in Hannah and Her Sisters.

Platoon was the first in what Stone calls his Vietnam Trilogy, which also includes 1989’s Born on the Fourth of July and 1993’s Heaven & Earth.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia: 11/10/11”

  1. Answer: Firefox.

    I liked the helmet he wore in that movie…thought it was cool. Actually, I’ve never seen the whole thing. I caught a little bit of it on late-night TV, but that’s it. Is it worth seeing the rest?

    Oh, and Happy Veterans Day. Thanks for your service!

    1. First of all, thank you for the Happy Veterans Day wish. I really appreciate it! And of course you got the answer right. I haven’t seen that movie in years. I actually saw it in the theater. I’ll have to watch it again if I can find it. There aren’t too many bad Eastwood movies.

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