Daily Trivia: 11/15/11

Question: What retail giant was the only suitable place to buy Raymond Babbitt’s boxer shorts, in Rain Man?

Last Question: What Sony product name made the Oxford English Dictionary in 1986?

Answer: Walkman

The Sony Walkman was one of the greatest technologies of the ’80s. If it was not for the Walkman, the iPod may never had been invented.
You could listen to your music while running or working out. Depending on your job, you could listen to the Walkman while you worked. You could also listen to it at home without annoying the rest of the family.
But, you could look like a fool by singing, really loud, to what you were listening to, and nobody else could hear the music.

2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia: 11/15/11”

  1. KMart!

    I used to love that store when I was a kid. Then I got a job as a KMart photographer and I started to relate with Tom Cruise’s character. That’s the only job where I resigned by voicemail.

    Don’t know if I got my Walkman at KMart, but I sure enjoyed using it. I wish I still had it!


    1. LOL! KMart wasn’t bad. But we had another store called Ann & Hope that was similar, but it was closer, so we didn’t go to KMart as much. Now Wal-Mart has done a number on those department stores. Ann & Hop is just a shell of what it was. There aren’t as many K-Marts around. And we lost Apex, Caldor and Lechemere.


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