Daily Trivia: 11/18/11

Question: What actress played Angela’s man-hungry mama on Who’s the Boss?

Last Question: On Hill Street Blues, what would Sgt. Esterhaus say at the end of role call?

Answer: “Let’s be careful out there”

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2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia: 11/18/11”

  1. Answer: Katherine Helmond.

    Funny, just this Wednesday evening, I was in a parking lot when I saw a police cruiser drive past me. As he continued on, I thought of Sgt. Esterhaus and uttered his line.

    1. That’s too funny! Did you send me the message telepathically? When I just logged in, the page only shows partial comments. And yours stopped at ‘when I saw’. I thought you were gonna say that you saw Katherine Helmond in the parkig lot!

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