Daily Trivia: 12/5/11

Question: What M*A*S*H veteran was brought in to play Major Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later, when Larry Hagman was too busy with Dallas?

Last Question: In A Christmas Story, Which Christmas song were Ralphie, Randy, and his mother singing in the car before they got a flat tire?

Answer: “Jingle Bells”

In a scene where the whole family was driving home, Mrs. Parker and her sons were in the Christmas spirit. They decided to show it by singing very loudly, while the old man just drove making faces of disgust. They ended the song with a raspberry and giggles, then heard a pop. That’s when they realized they had a flat, so the old man raced out to fix the flat tire. Ralphie also went out to help his father. This was right before the infamous ‘Oooooh Fuuuudge’ moment!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Trivia: 12/5/11”

  1. The guy who played Trapper John.

    Yeah, I know I could google his name, but I’m going to exercise my brain while I do some other things…

      1. Wayne Rogers!

        Man, that took me fifteen minutes, and it wasn’t that hard of a name. Shoulda had coffee instead of tea this morning…

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