Daily Trivia: 12/9/11

Question: Who was the original host of Ripley’s Believe It ot Not?

Last Question: What future Oscar-winner played roomate Maggie Lauten in the first season of A Different World?

Answer: Marisa Tomei

Before her big breakthrough role as Mona Lisa Vito in the 1992 movie My Cousin Vinny (for which she won Best Supporting Actress at the 1993 Academy Awards), she played Maggie Lauten during the first season of A Different World. A Different World was a spinoff from The Cosby Show originally centered on Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) and the life of students at Hillman College. Here is a scene from the show:


Before the second season started, Lisa Bonet announced that she and husband Lenny Kravitz were having a baby. It was felt that viewers would not accept Denise Huxtable as an unwed mother, having grown to know her as a “good girl” after four seasons of The Cosby Show and A Different World. So, it was decided that Denise would drop out of Hillman, return home to her family, and eventually travel to Africa throughout the fifth season of The Cosby Show, ensuring that viewers would not see a pregnant Denise. A Different World would be revamped, placing Whitley (Jasmine Guy) and Dwayne (Kadeem Hardison) at the center of a wider ensemble cast. During this revamping process, Marisa Tomei was replaced. The show continued to be successful, lasting six seasons. Marisa Tomei also went on to be a very successful actress.

Here is the theme song from season one of A Different World:

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